Hi, my name is Hong and I’m the Principal SEO Consultant of PageOne Media in Singapore. I am certified in Search Engine Marketing as well as qualified in Google AdWords. I have also contributed a chapter to the “Independent Business Marketing Bible IIwhich is compiled by my friend Charles Harper.

I work with dedicated online marketing professionals and we have the skills and understanding to generate much more customers for our clients like you, from the Web.


Effective Online Marketing

In plain and simple terms, we apply simple but proven online marketing techniques to generate much more clients and business from people inside your local business region which are searching the web in “buyer ready” mode looking for the very products and services that you or your company provides!

We apply a number of various techniques to attract the highly targeted leads and traffic for your site and we are able to set up various mechanisms to convert these preliminary web site guests into qualified leads and paying customers.

This is the kind of standard tasks that we’re asked to carry out when taking charge over the online marketing presence of local businesses. Our core services are Website Design, SEO Consultancy and PPC Campaigns Management.

We also can assist with any elements of online marketing that your business might require. Examples are *Search Engine Optimization, *Website creation and modification, *Google Places Listings, Social Media profiles, *Video Marketing, *Search Engine Marketing,… and any other such elements of online marketing as per any client’s goals or requests.

Professional Search Marketing

One very common misconception and worry that we encounter from many local businesses is that the process of achieving an effective online presence and then generating buying traffic is that it is both pricey and time consuming.

Well the above is true if you got the wrong person to do it! Example, a website designer on his own can definitely create a stunning website. But what is the use if there are no visitors to your new spanking “designer website”?

We are more than your typical website designer. We take it to the next level by creating a SEO-friendly website and drive targeted traffic to it through SEO and/or PPC.


There are also business owners who spent a lot of time and a lot of money on business directories such as yellow pages and street directory. However, how do we know exactly how many visitors will visit each category in the business listings?

Not to mention traditional media such as Newspaper ads and TV ads. They cost thousands of dollars because of the large number of eyeballs that they can “reach”, but how many readers or viewers are genuinely interested in the ads at that point of time? Ask yourself this, how many times have you switched channels when a TV ad popped up, or will you use that commercial break to do other things?

We are not saying traditional medium is not effective, but depending on your goals and budget, search marketing definitely offers you an alternate channel to maximize your ROI in marketing.

If you already spending a lot on traditional marketing, why not set aside a fraction of the budget for search marketing and experience the high returns on it?

Clear Insights on Market Demand

Before we start on your project, we can research and tell you how many are looking online for your products or services.

This is like performing a market demand survey online. Every search is a prospect with clear intention. I cannot over-emphasize this, when a prospect is actively searching for a service or a product, he is at the highest point of the buying cycle, and smart business owners would definitely want to reach out to these ready buyers!

Talk to us today to understand what sort of potential reach you might have if you leverage on search marketing.

High ROI

As small business owners ourselves we understand the significance of ensuring a lucrative return for each and every dollar invested in marketing and especially search marketing.

The great thing about Internet marketing is the fact that unlike any other type of marketing, we can track real outcomes and responses and it is this one primary element that allows us to apply leverage to what we know functions best. And due to our experience and abilities we’re generally in a position to provide tangible results within a really short time.

We prefer to talk “results” and processes with our clients and to not get bogged down or freaky about spending budget issues.

If you are looking for the cheapest prices possible for Online Marketing Services, you might not like our rates. But if you want to invest in your business and work with a Qualified Search Marketing Consultant who can understand and help you grow your business, then check us out.

Contact Us Today

Whilst financial budget is extremely important, however the first thing we like to do is have an informal chat to see exactly where we might best be able to help you.

Sometimes that may even mean that we simply provide some preliminary totally free advice and point you in the right direction, but quite frequently most of our customers are happy to know how much we can accomplish with a reasonable budget.

There is no need for guesswork, assumptions or fears to get in the way of your domination of one’s business category within your area.

Use the contact form or give us a call and we’ll be delighted to set up a short confidential free 30 minute consultation to talk about the possibilities for your business with you!

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