Ho, Wong and Partners is a local law firm which provides a wide range of legal services.

They have been getting their customers through word of mouth referrals through satisfied past clients.

While they do have a nice corporate website here,, the website is only visible when one searches for their law firm’s name. This means that the website is only getting visits from past or current customers.




Ho, Wong & Partners wanted to get new leads for their law firm, specifically in the matrimonial area.

What is the best way to increase exposure? TV, radio and newspaper ads are a few traditional methods that come to mind. However, these mediums are expensive and Ho, Wong & Partners is not so sure if the investment is worth it.


Online Marketing


Ho, Wong and Partners turned to us and sought our advice in online marketing.

We explained to them that their current customers will likely search for their law firm by name and the search results will likely contain their website listing.

However, prospective customers who do not know them will not search for their name. Instead they will search based on their needs or topic. Example , if one needs a divorce lawyer and has no idea who to look for, he will search for “divorce lawyers” or similar search terms in Google.

We further explained that this type of searcher’s intention is very clear and these are what we called targeted prospects or leads. More importantly, 80% of these searchers will not go beyond the first page of the search results.

We showed them the search volume of the related keywords and their competitors on the first page of the search results at that time. They then realized that they have been missing out on the pie for the longest time.


Proposed Solution


To prove that we could generate fresh leads to Ho, Wong and Partners, we decided to build a new website that specifically generate leads in the “Divorce” niche.

We explained that SEO takes time, one could not expect to rank on the first page of the search results overnight, it will take a few months.

We encouraged them to use PPC if they want to see real results fast. Since we can control the budget with PPC advertising, they see no harm in trying it out.




So we built them a brand new website and in the first 3 months, we spent about $3.5k in PPC costs to drive laser targeted visitors to their new lead generation website. In return, they secured about 20 clients which is worth about $60k! The ROI is simply amazing.

Today, the website is ranking high on the search results (even after the latest Google update dubbed Penguin 2.0) and Ho, Wong and Partners are enjoying new leads everyday.




Our Recent Campaign with PageOne Media is highly effective. We are getting new leads everyday and the ROI is tremendous. Prior to working with them, we had a company website but it did not generate any leads at all. Working with PageOne Media increases our visibility and allow us to reach new opportunities. They really know Search Engine Marketing. Talk to them today to see how they can do the same for your business! ~ Elin, Legal Executive




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