Success Stories from Facebook & Google Marketing for Local Singapore Businesses

1. Neighbourhood Tuition Centre

Turnround their failing Facebook marketing campaign, reduced their advertising spend and got new students with more than 10x ROI!

As a small Tuition centre located in a quiet part of Yishun, our current students mostly came from parents’ recommendations. 

We do have strong confidence in our teaching philosophy and our methods are so unique that when parents call in through referrals, our teachers need to spend an average of 45 mins conveying our teaching methods to them and they are willing to listen. Although we have a 90% closing rate, this method has very low-efficiency. 

This leads me to think about hosting seminars, but where can we find more parents?

Before that, I have also tried some of the traditional marketing methods like distributing flyers but this method was time-consuming too. This prompted me to start exploring other channels.

I have heard of the modern day online marketing methods and has attended some webinars, however I still have a headache when looking at the Facebook business power editor. 

I have tried to launch my own Facebook advertising campaigns and the results were miserable. To make it worse, getting a lot of paid likes from non-Chinese individuals for a Chinese teaching centre is just a nightmare! This was leading to wasted ad spend with Facebook advertising. 

So I gave up on fb marketing and went about our usual way.

After a few months, I happened to hear about Hong who was offering free consultation on Facebook marketing services for local businesses, needless to say, I am more than willing to give it a try!

We had our first meeting where he dived deep into our current situation, understanding our challenges and goals. He also took the effort to understand our teaching philosophies and methods. 

He was very approachable and knowledgeable. After understanding our current setup, he gave me tips and strategies on how to market ourselves with Facebook and gave me the confidence that we can do it.

With his professional assistance and patient guidance, I am able to put up a landing page and ran a new campaign within days after the first meeting. My goal was to generate attendees for our first ever seminar for our holiday classes.

He gave tips on how to write simple yet effective ad copy and how to make use of the various advertisement objectives in Facebook advertising to send our message out. 

The right targeting proves to be the most crucial step towards a successful campaign. With just ONE tip from him, we are able to target the right people and attracted the right crowd with our Facebook advertisements. 

With his guidance, we ran two sessions of seminars in 2 weeks for our holiday classes. 

The first session attracted 11 families to sign up, 7 attended, a total of 7 children from 7 families registered. For the second seminar, 6 families registered, 5 attended, 8 children from 4 families registered, 1 family with 2 children is currently on holiday and will attend our trial lesson soon.

In a short 2 weeks, we have 15 confirmed new students sign-up and we had 2 families coming to us for direct registration without even attending our seminars.

I started small with an ad spend which was only $512.83 in total and our potential revenue will be around $5780 just for the holiday classes. We have a return of about 10 times on our ad spend! So you can imagine the ROI is very much worth it. The revenues might sound small but we are excited about it. 

To be able reach out to parents who do not know us before, attract them to our seminars and turning them into new students was simply amazing. 

Remember, just a few months back, I was throwing money down the drain when I tried to do Facebook advertising on my own.

Now, not only are we generating positive revenue. I am now also confident in using Facebook to let more parents gain awareness on our teaching philosophies and values and we can add our values to their children who hate Chinese. 

I believe the next step is to scale up our Facebook advertising campaigns with advanced strategies.

To any business owners who wants more customers and need a trusted online marketing consultant, I will recommend Hong highly.

These comments are true and verifiable.

Yours sincerely,

Kimberly Du

Hao Lao Shi Education Centre

2. Home Decor Business

Got new customers worth $4650 of sales through Facebook by spending only $283.94. (Even without a website!)

3. Local Property Agent

Sold $8 mil worth of units through Google AdWords!

Hi Hong ,

In appreciation of the help that you have rendered us throughout our campaign , please find below our humble Testimonial.

We were looking to market the 2nd EC launch in Jurong. Our team needed speed to market as we were a bit behind other teams.

We knew that Google AdWords is powerful but extremely competitive. We needed someone well-versed to manage it to maximise our ROI and reduce unnecessary expenditure.

Hong was able to help me put up a professional single property site for this campaign.

With his expertise in AdWords management, we managed to generate more than 144 leads in a short period of time.

We were able to convert the leads into 8 buyers, it should have been more but this EC was oversubscribed and was subjected to balloting.

We spent around $15k and sold about $8 mil worth of units in total.

Nevertheless, our team was still happy with the results as we now also have a small list of qualified buyers to market to for future projects.

This campaign had also helped my team to achieve numerous awards on the company level.

I strongly recommend you to talk to him for your leads generation campaigns.

Best regards,

Lee Sherman

Senior Marketing Director

ERA Asia Pacific Top 5 Achiever 2012
ERA Singapore Top 163 Achiever 2013
ERA Singapore Top 61 Achiever 2014
ERA Singapore Top 68 Achiever 2015
ERA Singapore Top 203 Achiever 2016
ERA Singapore Top 187 Achiever 2017

P.S. This testimonial is true and verified. You can contact me at for references.

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